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Our Expertise


It's said "he who holds the problem, holds the solution". We all are the experts in our own life, and that tenant is at the core of executive coaching. 

At Ola Hana, our coaching mission is to act as facilitator in your journey to discovering your full potential, while encouraging you to become fully accountable to self, in your success. 


We offer a variety of training options, centered around Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Intelligent Leadership, and Navigating the Sales Cycle. 

We are flexible in how we tailor our programs specific to your organizational needs, so please feel free to reach out to discuss how we can best serve you. 


Team coaching is, as it suggests, a focus on the team as a whole. We work with a variety of teams, and relevant stakeholders, to facilitate discovery of objectives, obstacles, and options, toward a path for success. 

Team coaching is a proven method of achieving increased innovation, improved knowledge management, higher performance, better outcomes. 

Team Building
Sales Planning & Strategy
Business Strategy

Team cohesion is well known to be the single most important trademark of a successful organization. We bring a unique, systematic approach to team building and development


Sales success depends on having a good plan, and being committed to the plan. Often sales people get stuck in various stages of the sales cycle, and become mired in frustration as a result. Training on the sales cycle, along with regular coaching sessions, as a group, or one-on-one helps get you un-stuck and back on a path towards growth and success

With 30 years of sales and program management experience, selling building materials and consumer packaged goods, to national retailers across Canada, and the USA, we can help you develop a strategic plan for success. From packaging to distribution, pricing strategy, to promotion, we can help you understand the marketplace, and develop a plan to thrive within it. 



Book a Free Discovery call and let's discuss further.

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