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 Executive Coaching

“He Who Holds The Problem, Holds The Solution” (Nancy Kline) is the core philosophy of Ola Hana’s approach to coaching. Our mission is to afford our clients a safe environment, where we can facilitate their journey toward the best path to success. No matter what that problem is, we use a process of discovery, to encourage accountability to self, in overcoming obstacles that are preventing success.

Executive Coaching is a proven method of achieving the following results:

  •       Increased effectiveness achieving targets.

  •       Prevention of costly or untimely setbacks

  •       Better Communication

  •       Reduced Conflict

  •       Increased Individual Effectiveness

  •       Innovation

  •       Greater Sense of Purpose

  •       Better Ability to Overcome Adversity

  •       Enhanced Tools for Navigating Towards Success


Team Coaching

In corporate environments, it’s very common for teams to get stuck on the road to achieving a set of objectives and become ineffective as a result. Team coaching, when it becomes a routine part of the process, can unblock communication, and create a process of discovery that brings clarity to the team and path toward success.

Again, Team Coaching is a proven method that will produce the following returns on investment (ROI):

  •       Increased success rate for achieving team objectives

  •      Minimized setbacks

  •      Improved Communication among team, and externally

  •      Reduced Conflict within team, and externally

  •      Increased efficiency of processes and systems

  •      Increased Innovation

  •      Improved retention, job satisfaction

  •      Improved visibility, for succession planning

  •      Greater Knowledge Management

Executive Coaching



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