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Journey of Discovery


Shawn Hamill

Aug 2, 2023

Over my 30-year career in sales, marketing, and leadership, I’ve had the blessing of meeting many people, with exceptional talents, far greater than mine. I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to not only get to know so many great minds, but also to benefit from the learning they have imparted on me. The ‘quilt’ of skills I wear, is a collection of all those who’ve contributed to my knowledge over the years

The most important thing I’ve learned is that living with purpose and balance is every bit as important as being successful and effective in your career. In fact, many recent studies have produced overwhelming evidence that a healthy work/life balance results in increased

productivity in the workplace.

Personally, in 2014, I found I myself stuck. I was travelling extensively, and it felt like I was sleeping alone in hotel rooms more than I was at home, with my wife. While I was making a healthy living, my team was building sales, and winning awards for our success… I didn’t feel

fulfilled. My life wasn’t balanced.

As a result of burnout, I embarked on a mission to find purpose, and rediscover my passion. I took a semi-hiatus from my business, that allowed me the opportunity to sail the US East Coast, RV through Mexico, and open a small inn in Roatan, Honduras that hosted hundreds of people from dozens of nations.

This brought balance to my life, and helped bring clarity to why I was working so hard in my career. Eventually I went on to a role where I inherited a $27M account base, and my team grew it to $45M in 3 years. I lived the example of how a healthy work/life balance can enhance performance, and career satisfaction.

In January of this year, after enduring 2 years of turmoil that was COVID-19, I made the decision to leave corporate life, and focus my energies on helping others develop their careers and while discovering healthy work/life balance. I’ve founded Ola Hana (Hawaiian for Work|Life) Coaching & Consulting, and nearly completed my book, Without A Compass, due to be launched this fall. I have also just completed my studies in the Leadership Coach program at the Canadian Coaching Academy, enroute to becoming certified as an Executive and Leadership Coach.

Over the span of my career, I have learned how to be successful in life. What I treasure most is that over the past few years, I have learned how to find a balance that has made me more successful in each of the 3 pillars of my life… career, family, and self.

I hope we can connect, and have a discussion about your journey, and how to make it more complete.

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